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abandoned on the beach – a short photo study

Click here for photo essay

Click the link above for a very short photo essay featuring a few “words and  pictures” captured on a summer evening in the northeast.  After a long day of video work, with interviews and much talking, it was nice to let the still camera be my voice for a few short minutes.

History speaks in so many ways.

Early Spring at Somerset Place. The trees, the buildings, the earth and the water, hold so many stories stretched over so much time.

Always more places to explore, more stories to tell. Story for story’s sake and story to meet strategy. Happy 2014 from words and pictures, inc.

One Future Rewritten – proud to see my photography on the cover again

I am very proud to have my work chosen for the cover photo for the second issue in a row of “Spotlight” the magazine of Methodist Home for Children. This organization continues to create positive change in the lives of children, as they have been doing for well over a century now! Visit their website www.mhfc.org to find out more about their mission. See the link Methodist Home for Children "Spotlight" Magazine to read the articles and see more of my photography.

Invite yourself to come back home.

Last week one of my yoga mentors asked if I would photograph some portraits of her for a new web page. Yoga is such a combination of strength and poise, and I wanted to make sure I captured that, as well as the light in her eyes . . . both literally and metaphorically. We worked hard together and came away with some gems. I won’t post the portraits here, but created an abstract from one of the scenes we did while she was in Natarajasana (Dancer pose) and the late afternoon sun cast her shadow behind her.

The earth is speaking. Listen.

No need to mend it.

despite her failings, she is serene

“This is probably as good a morning as any to write a piece of poetry.”

This is probably as good a morning as any to write a piece of poetry.

Straightaway there is the sound and smell of an early morning rain shower to set the scene

And then I could lay some more groundwork by moving pretty quickly to the soft cooing of the morning dove perched in the crepe myrtle blooms

I’ll have the reader turn their face gently upward to catch a glimpse of the powder grey wing of that peaceful bird

Or just go ahead and train the viewers attention to the way the raindrops have already inserted themselves into the torn wire on the screen door where I found myself a few minutes ago seemingly lost inside the silvery reflection of a collection of small molecules we have named water and which have the uncanny and overwhelming responsibility of quenching our many thirsts.

As I stood there imagining the small world within a drop of water lodged in my screen door, the whole thing lost its grip and slid away.

I remembered my “to do” list back at my desk, and came over here and sat down to work.

Now, the neighbor’s new puppy is crying across the back fence, and the compressor for the air conditioner has drowned out, or scared away, the morning dove.

I’m confronted again by the list of things I am supposed to accomplish this morning.

This is probably as good a morning as any to write a piece of poetry.

Julie Williams Dixon
June 11, 2012