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Got to stand tall of who that we are.

Jonathan Goins standing in front of Goinstown Indian School, 2016. All rights reserved.

I want to share a few sentences from an interview with Jonathan Goins who is one of dozens of people I’ve included in my upcoming “People and their People” exhibit opening in Baltimore next weekend.  He’s referring in part to the discrimination past generations of his family endured because of their mixed roots:

 “But I look at it now as moving forward. And part of that moving forward is those people are gone that hurt us. But we’re still here. And we’ve got to live through every bit of this.  And we’ve got to grow.  We’ve got to stand tall of who that we are.” 

 I am thrilled to say “People and their People:Holding our Ancestors Close” will be on exhibit at the Baltimore American Indian Center through June of 2018. The opening reception is Saturday, October 7th.  See details below.  In finalizing the exhibit, and preparing my artist’s talk,  I had the task of going back through many hours of audio and video recordings, and my scribbled notes in field notebooks.  For each portrait that I display I include a few short paragraphs from the stories I’ve collected.  As much as I love the portraits I’ve taken, I may love the stories even more.

For the exhibit the portraits are printed 30 inches by 20 inches and each one in the series shows an individual or family grouping holding portraits of their ancestors. All rights reserved.

I want to thank Jonathan, and many others who’ve been willing to be part of this project.  You can read more about it at www.peopleandtheirpeople.com  In a time when the leadership of this country might be all too happy to try to divide us along racial lines, these portraits speak loudly otherwise. At least I believe they do.

If you live in or around Baltimore, I’d be thrilled if you join me next Saturday afternoon.  I’ll speak at 3:00 pm.