Ocracoke and Portsmouth

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3 responses to “Ocracoke and Portsmouth

  1. I have just reviewed your galleries and had a wonderful visit. I’m happy to see you are getting so much creative exercise. Your tonal shifts, soft and shallow focuses and peaceful images are so pleasing. Great work. I will visit often for updates. Some images loaded slowly, but it could be my connection.

    I have just finished printing my first 20 images, framed and matted. Some are even worth a second look. I’m trying to decide my next step. A friend of mine owns “Something Else” in Chapel Hill across from the Franklin hotel and is willing to hang a few there. I’ll let you know if I have a little show. In the meantime, give me a call if you want to walk around together and see what we see. We see it a little differently, but we are both looking.

    Hope you and Cabot are both doing well. I miss seeing you. BTW, I just upgraded to a D300S to shoot some video clips for our business and have a D200 body to sell at a good price, if you know anyone who might be looking. In perfect shape with 17K actuations.

  2. through the window at portsmouth is an awesome image. Might be my favorite

  3. Wonderful photos! I agree with Rick, but they are all fantastic.

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