eyes wide open, here we go again! welcoming 2016

new years card 2016 no words

As we pause to assess the changing of the calendar, let’s try to continue to dream and hope and wish. Go somewhere you’ve never been. Put your boat in the river and drift. If you need to go faster then paddle, but don’t paddle so fast that you’can’t see what’s unfolding around you. Honor your elders and your ancestors while encouraging your children. Turn off your television and read a poem. Wear your favorite boots, or your roller skates, or go barefoot so you can feel the ground beneath you. Notice the sacred geometry that is everywhere around you. Leave some white space, some empty space, some open space, for what’s to come. Do not be afraid. Practice compassion.

I had the great fortune this past year to spend quality time with family and friends, and fit in some meaningful work at the same time. Highlights included two trips out west including a canoe trip down the Colorado river. I also had the great fortune to take a few long drives through the country of southwest Virginia with my parents and my brothers. I traveled east in North Carolina several times to see the wonder of migrating birds. Everywhere I went I made a point to stop and talk to people. Often I asked if I could take their photograph. As I reflect I’m mostly grateful for a bountiful life. Did I have challenges? Yes. Do I wish I’d accomplished more? Yes. But that’s a useless emotion mostly. I’m just going to keep my eyes and my heart open, cause I believe the signs are there if you’re awake to see them. I’m still willing to trust in the divine, and myself, to keep me on a path that works. And I should add that I get by with a little help from my friends. You know who you are.

Julie, January 1, 2016

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