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Fallow for now.

Straight rows, stalks and stubs of old cotton in a winter field. The house, and the ground, seem to be waiting for life to return.

There is a crack in everything.

I photographed this in Port Townsend, WA. I’m reminded of a Leonard Cohen quote. “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” For a larger view of this click on the image. The details are beautiful. This image is also part of my Artist’s Statement on my main Photography page.

Seeking Balance

Since many of us make New Year’s Resolutions, often with the intention of achieving balance in our lives, I dug this photo out the archives. I took this 3 years ago near Morristown, Tennessee while on a trip with some very good old friends.  I titled it “Seeking Balance” and it reminds me to remember what is really important . . . and let the other stuff go.

Lately it occurs to me.

Photographed near Castlewood, Virginia in early December 2010.    I actually stopped to photograph some old school chairs in the snow, and as I was backing away saw the doll in the truck.

It came upon a midnight clear.

Photographed in early December of 2010, in the mountains of North Carolina.

Breezewood Motel Sign

Photographed in January 2009 near Williamston, North Carolina.   Late afternoon winter sun turned everything golden, though the temperature was in the single digits.

Someone left the king out in the rain.

Photographed a few weeks after Kirby Derby 2008.   The Elvis face had been thru a few summer rainstorms.    I plan on posting a Gallery of Kirby Derby photos some time soon.

“A” Sign

Photographed in McGees Crossroads while on a video shoot for the North Carolina Museum of Art, documenting the outcomes of a program called “The Art of Collaboration”    While taping scenics around town, I eyed this sign. I wonder what it used to say?   Nothing left but the letter “A” now.

Dixie motel sign.

If you drive alongside I-95 on the old road, instead of the interstate, you can find many beautiful remnants of a different time.   A time when we weren’t speeding along at 75 miles an hour.   A time when the Dixie Motel was thriving. 

Roses in the rain.

photographed at The Rose Garden in Raleigh, NC     May 2010